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Amy Sass

Amy Sass is a Playwright, Director, Visual Artist and Educator dedicated to the ethics and practices of Ensemble as a way to empower, connect and create. More about Ms. Sass can be found at www.amysass.com

Amy Sass is the co-founder and artistic director of Ragged Wing Ensemble and The Flight Deck in Oakland, California. Her fierce voracity and artistic rigor is the cornerstone of RWE's ethic and aesthetic. As playwright, director, actor, choreographer, and visual artist, her creative vision sits firmly at the crossroads of artistic disciplines. Amy specializes in creating new methods of artistic collaboration and story building, designing a unique multidisciplinary approach to creative practice called FIERCE PLAY. She is known for combining large-scale spectacle and unpredictable choreography with the intimacy of classical scene-work. In all her endeavors, Amy works from the gut, using theater and art as vehicles for healing, empowerment, and social change.


From the first production of The Serpent.
Ragged Wing Ensemble

Ragged Wing Ensemble

The Art of Connection

21 November 2014

There are a variety of ways people can stay connected. Each year we all step back and assess where we are with our lives, and who needs what. We want people to step in towards the heart of things when that seems right, and step back when they need to grow in a different way. There is a dynamic quality to it, but also a sense of stability—that's the trick.