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Andrea Gordillo

I am a queer-mestiza-immigrant-artist-bridge-woman, permanent resident of the frontera between the United States and Latinoamérica, between English and español, between white skin and Indian blood. I was born in Lima, Perú but spent most of my childhood in South Florida. I have also lived in Boston, Massachusetts, and in El Paso, Texas. My family can trace its descendants to Spain and Italy, but has forgotten which Indigenous tribes it mixed with. My cells remember, though.

I am a cultural organizer working at the intersection of art and education, where art is “cultural production” and education is used as an organizational tool for liberation. I work primarily with migrant youth, but have experience working with a wide range of ages and experiences, from 5 to 80 years old, from unaccompanied minor migrants to battered women to Ivy League administrators. I have worked as an actor, a teaching artist, an immigration law paralegal, a youth programs coordinator, a diversity and inclusion administrator, a production intern, a marketing intern, and a server.

I received a B.A. in Theatre Studies from Emerson College and and Ed.M.  in Arts in Education from Harvard Graduate School of Education. I am the recipient of the Gates Millennium Scholars Program, a Term-Time Research Grant from the Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies, and am an Artist in Residence at Project Zero at Harvard University.

I consider myself, above all, a lifelong learner.

Friday Phone Call # 53

Friday Phone Call # 53

ArtsEmerson's Creative Producers

21 March 2014

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