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Andrea Kovich

Andrea is a Seattle-based freelance dramaturg and writer.

Andrea is a Seattle-based freelance dramaturg and writer. She self-identifies as a disabled artist and is passionate about collaborating with historically marginalized voices to uplift underrepresented narratives and further efforts for accessibility and inclusion. Past projects include production dramaturgy, script reading for several new play festivals, curating a staged reading series focused on Deaf and Disabled playwrights, and script consultation/ new play development. In addition to serving on the board of Sound Theatre Company and being a member of LMDA (Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of the Americas), she’s also an Accessibility Consultant.

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Envisioning Change

Envisioning Change

The Future Is Inclusive

29 March 2021

Andrea Kovich argues that inclusive design can be used to change organizations and the work being produced, leading to a more inclusive and equitable theatre field.

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Disability, Identity, and Representation

Disability, Identity, and Representation

Notes from a Dramaturg

27 May 2019

Andrea Kovich talks about the glaring need for more disabled theatremakers, the importance of new plays and musicals, and working with a disabled dramaturg during a new work’s development.

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In Search of Authenticity

In Search of Authenticity

Including Disability in Theatre

17 January 2019

Andrea Kovich talks about the importance of disability representation on Seattle’s stages and Sound Theatre Company’s recent work in that area.

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