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Anikó Varga

Anikó Varga is a theater critic, the editor-in-chief of the Transylvanian (Romania) theater magazine Játéktér, and a teacher at the University of Art in Târgu-Mureș, Romania. She is based in Budapest, Hungary, so she is present in both the Hungarian and Romanian theater scene.

Periphery as Center

Periphery as Center

the Independents from Budapest / A periféria mint központ. Budapesti függetlenek

3 April 2017

In the first post of the series, Budapest-based curator and theatre critic Anikó Varga gives us an overview of the young independent theatre field from the capital. / A sorozat első posztjában Varga Anikó, a Budapesten élő kurátor és színházi kritikus, a fővárosi, független, fiatal szcénát mutatja be.