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Anna Rogelio Joaquin

Anna Rogelio Joaquin (she/her) is a Pilipina-American artist, educator, and organizer based in Chicago, IL.

Anna Rogelio Joaquin is an artist and educator whose work aims to cultivate learning, connecting, and organizing beyond the stage. Prior to her current role as the School Programs Manager at Goodman Theatre, she was a company member of Gathering Ground Theatre, a collective amplifying stories of people experiencing homelessness to spark dialogue and action. As a teacher and facilitator, Anna has worked with GEAR UP, Upward Bound, The Cherubs at Northwestern University, Youth & Opportunity United, The University of Texas at Austin, and Chicago Public Schools. Anna holds a B.A. in Theatre with minors in Mathematics and Musical Theatre from Loyola University Chicago, an M.A. in Performance as Public Practice from The University of Texas at Austin, and an M.A. in English Education with a Professional Educator License from University of Illinois Chicago.

A person standing amongst city approved homeless deterrent pegs on a bench.
Humanizing Homelessness: An Interview with Lisa Hoelscher of Gathering Ground Theatre

Humanizing Homelessness: An Interview with Lisa Hoelscher of Gathering Ground Theatre

19 May 2022

Gathering Ground Theatre—an Austin, Texas collective comprised of people with lived experiences of homelessness and allies—creates performances that aim to influence public opinion and local legislation. Anna Rogelio Joaquin sits down with Lisa Hoelscher to discuss Lisa’s experience as a co-creator and performer of works that expose issues like hostile architecture and camping bans, as well as the company’s current work on a memorial performance.

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