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Annie Danger

Annie Danger is a rip-roarin' weirdo from Albuquerque, NM. She is a trans woman, performing artist, tattoo artist, and organizer as well as an all-around charming gal. Her work has been performed in the National Queer Arts Festival, Keith Hennessy's Too Much queer performance marathons, Sister Spit: The Next Generation, Radar Reading Series at the San Francisco Public Library, Austin, Texas' Fusebox Festival, and on stages and streets across the continent. Her current work, How To Cook A Frog, examines surveillance and social media through the eyes of a resurrected Julia Child. Keep your eyes peeled for Emily Post-Capitalism's Revolutionary Etiquette, a text on etiquette for radicals coming in 2015.

Cast of the Fully Functional Cabaret.
Just Say Yes

Just Say Yes

22 October 2014

Drawing a comparison between the manifestation of love and activism, Annie Danger offers compelling insight into queer art in theatre.