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Ashleigh Worley

Ashleigh serves as the Director of Education and Community Engagement at the Luther Burbank Center in Santa Rosa, CA.

Hailing from the east coast, Ashleigh Worley paid her dues working in the trenches of education as a public school theatre teacher for grades 6-12. As an award-winning director and educator, she was charged with designing curriculum for the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction to use as examples of best practice. Ashleigh has worked for theatre companies across North Carolina in a variety of capacities from special effects makeup, directing, teaching artistry, and design. While full-time in-school teaching holds her heart, Ashleigh decided to make the leap to professional theatre to expand her reach to students beyond her classroom walls. Ashleigh moved to California to join the Marin Theatre Company Education Team in 2015. At MTC, she worked as  the Director of Education and designs curriculum, workshops, and residencies, and oversaw a team of professional teaching artists ensuring the highest quality of instruction that reaches thousands of Bay Area students annually. She joined the team at the Luther Burbank Center as the Director of Education and Community Engagement in 2018.

Valuing Process Over Product

Valuing Process Over Product

Producing Theatre in Educational Settings

1 July 2017

Director and educator Ashleigh Worley talks about process versus product, advocating for giving students opportunities to grow as artists.