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Ava Wong Davies

Ava Wong Davies is a playwright and theatre critic based in London. She is a regular contributor to The Stage and Exeunt Magazine, is a monthly theatre columnist for gal-dem, and in 2018 won the Sunday Times Harold Hobson award for criticism. As a playwright, her work has been showcased at The Yard, The Bunker, Theatre Deli, VAULT Festival, and The North Wall. Her debut play, “i will still be whole (when you rip me in half)”  was programmed as part of Chris Sonnex’s second season at The Bunker Theatre, and will premiere in November 2019. She is an alumna of the Soho Theatre Writers Lab 18/19 and is currently one of the Bush Theatre’s Emerging Writers.

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Audiences, Parasites, and Personal Revelations

Audiences, Parasites, and Personal Revelations

Perspectives on Criticism and Playwriting

20 October 2019

Playwright/critic Ava Wong Davies talks to critic Maddy Costa and plawright Alice Birch about who reviews are for, responses to criticism, self-censorship, and more.