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Bari Hochwald-Cagnola

Bari Hochwald is Founder and Artistic Director of The Global Theatre Project, www.theglobaltheatreproject.org

Bari Hochwald is the Founder and Artistic Director of The Global Theatre Project. Her work in Theatre For Social Renewal is founded on over fifteen years both abroad and in the US as a producer, director, and educator. She teaches this approach - the Four Pillars - at Towson University as an adjunct professor. As an actress, Bari has worked in regional theatre throughout the country, in Europe, on television and film.

To Inflame the Civic Temper

To Inflame the Civic Temper

7 May 2017

Bari Hochwald of the Global Theatre Project discusses the need for artist activists today to “inflame the civic temper” and address the refugee crisis.

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