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Benny Sato Ambush

Benny Sato Ambush is a professional SDC stage director, former producer/Artistic Director of professional theaters, educator, consultant and published commentator. Prior artistic leadership experience include: Producing Director - Oakland (CA) Ensemble Theatre, Associate Artistic Director - San Francisco's American Conservatory Theater, Acting Artistic Director - Providence, RI's Rites and Reason Theatre Company, Co-Artistic Director - San Francisco Bay Area Playwrights Festival, Director-In-Residence - Manalapan, Florida's Florida Stage and Producing Artistic Director - Richmond, VA's LORT C TheatreVirginia (one of only fourteen people-of-color to have ever been Artistic Director of a LORT Theatre). He directed at all these theaters.

He was Associate Artistic Director of Anna Deavere Smith's Institute on the Arts & Civic Dialogue at Harvard University in the summer of 2000. He has many other regional directing credits. He has narrated the San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival twice, and has toured the former Soviet Union and Kenya via the United States Information Agency. He was Director of the Institute for Teledramatic Arts and Technology at California State University, Monterey Bay's unique, storytelling-based, multidisciplinary program that integrated production-oriented study in theater production, filmmaking, video/television production, radio production, and new media production.

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Interview with Benny Sato Ambush by Jeff Freeman

Interview with Benny Sato Ambush by Jeff Freeman

29 November 2012

Jeff Freeman chats with Benny Sato Ambush about Emerson Stage.