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Bethany Lynn Corey

Bethany Lynn Corey is the Early Learners Manager for The Thinkery having recently received her MFA in Drama and Theatre for Youth & Communities from the University of Texas at Austin. Much of her research surrounds the use of drama and theatre for children under the age of six. Bethany's work in Theatre for the Very Young led to the creation of SPARK! Theatre which produces original theatre designed for the youngest audiences. Bethany has worked nationally and internationally as an actress, director and teaching artist. She holds a dual BA in Music and Theatre for Children and Public Communications from American University. Currently Bethany is developing work in partnership with Trike Theatre, collaborating with Patch Theatre and served as the chair of American Alliance for Theatre and Education's International Network

A group of children watch a performance.
Actions Speak Louder than Words

Actions Speak Louder than Words

The Growing Place of Visual Theater

15 January 2014

Bethany Lynn Corey offers a reflection and insight on the benefits of visual theatre.