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Carol Ann Tan

Carol Ann Tan is a Singapore-born director, writer, and dramaturg.

Carol Ann Tan ("Cat") is a Singapore-born director, writer, and dramaturg. Directing credits include Amphitryon (Theater at Monmouth), Golf Girl (Brown University), Constellations, Much Ado About Nothing, A View From the Bridge (Brown/Trinity), Warrior Class (The Comrades), Domestic Departure (Haven Theatre), Apartment Complex, Domestic Departure (University of Chicago). As a writer, Cat's plays include Trump Card, Apartment Complex, and Domestic Departure. Cat’s plays have been performed at Haven Theatre, Other Theatre, Brown/Trinity, North Central College, and the University of Chicago. Domestic Departure was awarded second place for the Olga and Paul Menn Foundation Prize. As a dramaturg, Cat has worked with Writers Theatre, Silk Road Rising, TimeLine Theatre, the Gift Theatre, Sideshow Theatre, First Floor Theater, SoloChicago Theatre, and more. Cat is an artistic associate with Silk Road Rising, a 2017/18 Directors Inclusion Initiate at Victory Gardens, and an MFA Directing candidate at Brown/Trinity (expected 2023). carolanntan.com

On Diversity Hiring

On Diversity Hiring

Choosing the “Best” Person for the Job

20 May 2017

Director Carol Ann Tan explores her reaction to the question of whether it's easier for her to get work because she's Asian.

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