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Carolyn Reeves

Carolyn Reeves creates and produces arts events with themes of health, healing, and environmental stewardship. 

Carolyn holds an M.A. in Arts in Medicine, with a focus on Arts in Public Health.  Her work includes: "Truth Comes Out", a storytelling event for LGBTQ health equity; "Passionate Waters", a performing and visual art show in celebration of World Water Day; and "Sunday Morning Soul", a weekly dance event to promote individual and community health.  Along with her academic and administrative affiliations with the arts, Carolyn is an actor and a singer/ songwriter.  She lives in New Haven, CT.  

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Climate Change Theatre is LIT

Climate Change Theatre is LIT

A Study on the Performing Arts and Climate Change Engagement

27 March 2019

Carolyn Reeves looks at multiple barriers to climate change engagement and addresses how the performing arts—and especially theatre—can help overcome them.