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Carra Martinez

Carra Martinez is the Director of Live in America at Fusebox Festival in Austin, Texas.

Carra Martinez is a collaborative theatre artist, scholar, community engagement specialist, and educator. Based in Austin, Texas, Martinez is the Director of Live in America at Fusebox Festival. Carra also teaches in Playwriting and Directing and Arts Management at the University of Texas at Austin. She is the former Director of Community Engagement at the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis. In Minneapolis, Martinez also worked extensively at Penumbra Theater. As an artist, Martinez has collaborated with companies like Fusebox Festival, Playwrights’ Center (Minneapolis), Salvage VanGuard Theater (Austin), and Rude Mechs (Austin). As a scholar, Martinez’s research focuses on the development of culturally-specific, radical theatrical performance in the East Austin neighborhood. As an educator, Martinez has taught for more than twenty years at the middle school, high school, undergraduate, and graduate levels. She holds a doctorate in Theatre Historiography from the University of Minnesota.

Future Every Day

Future Every Day

1 July 2021

Carra Martinez, with thoughts from Justin Favela, Ty Defoe, Ron Berry, and Leyya Tawi, writes about how the future is a structurally minded labor of the everyday.