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Carrie Klewin Lawrence

Stage Director with endless curiosity about all things performative, collaborative, and experimental.

Carrie Klewin Lawrence (she/hers) is a freelance stage director of new and devised works, opera, and musicals, and professor of acting, directing, improvisation, public speaking, personal branding, dramaturgy, and film. Carrie has taught and directed at more than a dozen Colleges and Universities and numerous public and private high schools across the US and internationally. In Madrid, where she currently resides, she conducts courses at TAI University (in Spanish), and at the International Institute – leading advanced North American English learners in improvisation, playwriting, adaptation, and virtual theatre. Carrie has taught, coached, rehearsed and developed numerous new works virtually over the past twelve years. Recently, Carrie led The Red Wolves Ensemble in a virtual devised theatre laboratory to explore the possibilities of devising and performing live on virtual platforms - they presented the work virtually at The Women's Theatre Fringe Festival. www.carrieklewin.com

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Devised Experiments in Breaking Zoom

Devised Experiments in Breaking Zoom

6 October 2020

Carrie Klewin Lawrence and Amy Clare Tasker have a conversation about devising online, if that’s considered “theatre” or not, audience participation, and more.