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Cecilia Cackley

Cecilia Cackley is a playwright and puppeteer from DC. 

Cecilia Cackley is a puppeteer and playwright based in Washington, DC. She is the Artistic Director of Wit's End Puppets and co-creator of the shows Cabinets of Kismet and Saudade. Her bilingual children's plays have been presented by GALA Hispanic Theater and toured around DC to local schools. Cecilia is an affiliated teaching artist with Imagination Stage, The Theatre Lab, Encore Stage & Studio, Capitol Hill Arts Workshop and Young Playwright's Theater. Internationally, she has performed or taught workshops in Canada, France, Armenia, Guatemala, and El Salvador. She is a proud company member of GALA Hispanic Theatre and Young Playwright's Theater. Find out more about her work at www.ceciliacackley.com.

The Smallest Theatre in the World

The Smallest Theatre in the World

An Interview with Caja lambe-lambe artist Gabriela Céspedes / El Teatro Más Pequeño del Mundo: Una entrevista con la artista de caja lambe-lambe Gabriela Céspedes

29 April 2017

Puppeteer Cecilia Cackley interviews Gabriela Céspedes, a leading caja lambe-lambe puppet artist based in Argentina.

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