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Clinnesha Sibley

Clinnesha D. Sibley, a native of McComb, Mississippi, is a playwright-scholar who advances the social consciousness of all people through her writing, teaching, directing and arts endeavoring. She is a proud wife and mother. She and her husband, Keith, are high school sweethearts and have two daughters named Kaylee and Karlee.Growing up a playwright, poet and performer/dancer, Clinnesha committed to training exclusively as a playwright while attending Tougaloo College in Jackson, Mississippi. As an Interdisciplinary Career Oriented Humanities major, she learned to focus inward—exploring identity, psyche, and the human condition. It was at this historically black college that Clinnesha also learned the connection between social activism and artistic practice.Her fidelity to the African-American experience and the ongoing movement of black theatre is evident in her research/creative work. Clinnesha’s plays intimately portray the experiences of African-Americans, southerners and women.

How to Survive Predominately White Academic Theatre

How to Survive Predominately White Academic Theatre

Cause a Disruptive Innovation

15 June 2016

Clinnesha Sibley on the struggle to survive as a black woman theatre artist in academia and coming home.