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Craig Barker

Craig Barker is Manager of Education and Public Programs at Sydney University Museums. He has extensive experience in K-12 and adult museum education, and has published and presented on museum education in teacher and academic conferences and publications. 

Craig has a PhD in Classical Archaeology from the University of Sydney and has considerable archaeological fieldwork experience in Australia, Greece, Turkey and Cyprus. He is the Director of the Paphos Theatre Archaeological Project excavating at the World Heritage listed site of Nea Paphos in Cyprus.

Theatre History Podcast # 28

Theatre History Podcast # 28

Digging up Nea Paphos with Dr. Craig Barker

10 April 2017

 Mike Lueger talks to Dr. Craig Baker from the University of Sydney about the history and layout of Nea Paphos, its hidden surprises, and the mysteries that he and his colleagues are still investigating.