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Dane Figueroa Edidi

Dubbed the Ancient Jazz Priestess of Mother Africa, Lady Dane Figueroa Edidi is a Black Nigerian, Cuban, Indigenous, American Performance Artist, Author, Educator, Speech Writer, a Helen Hayes Award winning Playwright (Klytmnestra: An Epic Slam Poem (Helen Hayes Award 2020), For Black Trans Girls…, Ghost/Writer, The Diaz Family Talent Show, Quest of The Reed Marsh Daughter, Refugees/Soliloquy, The Dance of Memories, The Adventures of Xenia Oya), Advocate, Dramaturg, a 2x Helen Hayes Award Nominated choreographer (2016, 2018) and co-editor/co-Director of The Black Trans Prayer Book.

She is the curator and a co-producer of Long Wharf Theater’s Black Trans Women At The Center: An Evening of Short Plays.

Her radio play, Quest of The Reed Marsh Daughter, can be heard on the Girl Tale’s Podcast, her play The Diaz Family Talent Show can be read on the Play at Home Website, and her play The Adventures of Xenia Oya can be heard on the Kennedy Center website.

She wrote episode 1 of Untitled Mockumentary Project and acted on the series as well. She was featured as Patra in King Ester and acted as a story consultant for the series. She wrote episode 9 (Refuge) of Round House Theater’s web series Homebound, and was one of the writers for Arena Stage’s short film The 51st State.




A Black woman with her hair wrapped on the top of her head and her right hand up.
And It Feels Good

And It Feels Good

The Responsibility of Theatre, and the Imagining of a World Without Oppression

29 June 2021

Dane Figueroa Edidi muses on how imagination provides the power to conjure an equitable theatre.

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