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Daniel Jackson

Daniel Jackson is a theater artist and designer based in Los Angeles, California and San Antonio, TX.

Daniel Jackson is a theater maker and designer working with video, interaction, and performance. Daniel has worked as a designer and technician with The Wooster Group (NYC), Andrew Schneider, Radiohole (NYC), Young Jean Lee (NYC), and Jump-Start Performance Co. (San Antonio, TX). In addition to design work, Daniel is committed to education at the intersection of media literacy, technology and the arts. He has taught computer programming, filmmaking, and performance to children and adults at The Museum of the Moving image in New York, SAY Sí in San Antonio, Texas, and the California Institute of the Arts. Daniel holds an MFA in Video for Performance and Integrated Media from the California Institute of the Arts, and a BA in Drama from Stanford University.

audience in darkness, except for flashlights
Making Light

Making Light

22 January 2019

Daniel Jackson talks about creating an interactive DIY lighting system—that the audience partially controlled—for a recent production that took place almost entirely in the dark.

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