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David Geary

David Geary is a playwright, dramaturg, director & screenwriter who writes haiku on twitter: gearsgeary

David Geary is of Māori, English, Irish and Scottish blood. His iwi/tribe in New Zealand is the Taranaki. He grew up immersed in the Polynesian trickster tales of Maui and is now honoured to live, work and play in the lands of the Coyote and Raven tricksters of Turtle Island/Canada. He is an award-winning playwright, dramaturg, director, screenwriter, fiction writer and poet. David works at Capilano University in North Vancouver, Canada. He teaches screenwriting in the Indigenous Digital Filmmaking program, documentary, and playwriting. David’s recent work includes short plays for Climate Change Theatre Action http://www.climatechangetheatreaction.com/ and http://centrepoint.co.nz/centrepoint24. David also teaches playwrighting for PTC Playwrights Theatre Centre in Vancouver. The Māori word ako means both to teach and to learn, and he finds as a teacher he learns as much from his students as they do from him. David's most recent fiction work can be found in the Penguin Random House collection Purakau: https://www.penguin.co.nz/books/purakau-9780143772965 and Bawaajigan: Stories of Power from Exile. He's a member of LMDA Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of the Americas and does script consultation for theatre, TV and Film, most recently with WIFTV - Women in Film and Television. He lives by the yogic mantra: Life is short, stretch it.

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Indigenous Theatre and the Climate Crisis

Indigenous Theatre and the Climate Crisis

Trickster Mix

29 April 2020

Indigenous playwright David Geary takes us on a journey through his ancestral lineage and land, and highlights the role of the trickster.

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