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Dillon Yruegas

Dillon Yruegas (he/él) is a queer trans mixed Coahuiltecan theatremaker from his ancestral lands in Central Texas who holds both a BFA in Theatre and a BA in Spanish from Texas State University. He is the Assistant Director of the Broadway Green Alliance, a steering committee member of the Latinx Theatre Commons, and a company member of the VORTEX Repertory Theatre.

On stage, off stage, and online, Dillon has collaborated with Avante Theatre Project, Austin Scottish Rite Theatre, Capital T Theatre, De Corazón Consulting, Fresh Ink Theatre, Generic Ensemble Company, Ground Floor Theatre, Kalpulli Ayolopaktzin, the Indigenous Cultures Institute, Inkwell Theatre, the Latinx Playwrights Circle, New Native Theatre, the PlayGround Experiment, Sparkhaven Theatre, Teatro Vivo, and telátulsa. Recently, he was the HowlRound Theatre Commons fellow, a part of Company One Theatre's season 21 PlayLab cohort, and a selected playwright for both the TransTheatreFest-Madison and Boston Theatre Marathon.

He also facilitates workshops for trans and gender expansive performers through a series of meditative and movement based exercises in order to illuminate the joyful and fulfilling potential that performance holds for those of us from these historically marginalized experiences. This work, with collaborator Dr. Jesse O'Rear, has been seen at the University of Texas at Austin and at the 2019 Transgender Spectrum Conference.

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Gender Euphoria, Episode 2: The Case for QTPOC Slice-of-Life Drama

Gender Euphoria, Episode 2: The Case for QTPOC Slice-of-Life Drama

With Dillon Yruegas

23 February 2022

Gender Euphoria, the podcast, host Nicolas Shannon Savard sits down with playwright and performer, Dillon Yruegas to talk about two productions of his play The Brunch Crowd. They talk about what a slice-of-life, kitchen sink play full of trans of color characters looks like and what kind of intervention that makes in the theatrical landscape. They dive into the importance of trans joy and queer friendship and its absence on stage. Finally, Dillon reflects on how expansive approaches to casting trans and non-binary characters and how identity-based casting might open up dialogue and create space for a much wider range of faces and experiences to be seen on stage.

on intersections
dillon yruegas

on intersections

Past HowlRound pieces that speak to me and my intersecting identities. This marks the beginning of my journey as a Fellow and transplant to the Boston area.