Donny Repsher

Donny Repsher (he/him) is an arts administrator and freelance writer.

Donny Repsher (he/him) is a professional fundraiser and freelance writer. Master's degree in Nonprofit Management from The New School, and awarded the 2020 Graduate Student Best Paper Award for his thesis project, "Woke Supremacy: A Critical Perspective on the American Theatre", published in HowlRound this past February. Donny was a recent guest on the Tonya Pinkins podcast, You Can't Say That. Email:

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Woke Supremacy

Woke Supremacy

A Critical Perspective on the American Theatre

18 February 2020

Donny Repsher talks about a new permutation of American racism he calls “woke supremacy,” race and the institution, white fragility, and more.