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Eleanor Fitzsimons

Eleanor Fitzsimons is a researcher, writer, journalist and occasional broadcaster. Her work has been published in the Sunday Times, the Guardian, the Irish Times and other publications. She worked as a senior executive in the market information sector in Ireland and the UK and researches primetime television programmes for RTE including ‘What have the Brits ever done for us’ and IFTA-winning 'Bullyproof'. In 2012 she graduated with an MA (first class honours) in Women Gender and Society from UCD and realised that uncovering women’s hidden history was her true passion. She lives in Dublin with her husband and two children.

Theatre History Podcast # 38

Theatre History Podcast # 38

Eleanor Fitzsimons on Oscar Wilde, Sarah Bernhardt, and the Troubled History of Salomé

10 July 2017

In this episode, Michael Lueger talks to author Eleanor Fitzsimons about Oscar Wilde and his working relationship with Sarah Bernhardt.