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Elena Morris

New play dramaturg, playwright, and performer

Elena Morris is a dramaturg, playwright, and performer passionate about building new plays and just futures. She recently produced a sold-out workshop of Little Peasants, a new play from the food advocacy nonprofit Food Tank. Dramaturgy credits include the world premiere of Kirsten Greenidge's Morning, Noon, and Night (Co-Dramaturg with Ilana Brownstein), Wolf Play (Assistant Dramaturg), and the Better Future Series (Dramaturg, Director) at Company One and Cardboard Piano (Dramaturg) at New Rep. Elena currently works in the Development department at The Huntington. She previously served as a staff Dramaturg at Company One, Artistic Associate at New Repertory Theatre, and an administrator at ArtsBoston, where she wrote articles on local artists and promoted cultural events on The ArtsBoston Calendar. Elena earned a BFA in Theatre Arts from Boston University in 2018. elena-morris.com

An actor speaks into a microphone in a dimly lit space.
How Theatre Can Create Positive Change in Our Food Systems

How Theatre Can Create Positive Change in Our Food Systems

29 May 2024

Food Tank’s Little Peasants bridged theatre and advocacy by staging an interactive play set during a union vote at a fictional international coffee chain. Elena Morris discusses the play’s development process and its place in the theatre-based food systems advocacy strategies employed by the nonprofit Food Tank.