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Eli Van Sickel

Eli Van Sickel is a theatremaker and independent scholar based in Chicago. He received an MS in Theatre History/Studies from Illinois State University and a BS in Directing and Dramaturgy from Indiana State University. As a practitioner, Eli has been a sound designer, director, dramaturg, actor, house manager, and social media coordinator. As a scholar, his primary research deals with history, theory, and issues in American deaf theatre. His secondary interests are disability performance and the theatricality of professional wrestling. Eli is hard of hearing and has worn hearing-aids since he was two years old. You can find him on Twitter @EliVanScythe.

Deafness On Broadway

Deafness On Broadway

21 October 2015

Chicago-based theatre practitioner and scholar Eli Van Sickel dispells the prevalent notion of Spring Awakening being the first deaf production on Broadway—it’s not.

Bodies On The Line

Bodies On The Line

Able-Bodied Actors, Disabled Roles, and Praise

27 July 2015

Scholar Eli Van Sickel examines the casting of able-bodied performers to play disabled characters through the performances of Bradley Cooper, Daniel Radcliffe, and Kevin Spacey.

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