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Elizabeth Coplan

Using theatre to start new conversations about dying, death, and grief.

Elizabeth Coplan is a marketing and public relations specialist, a playwright, educator, and speaker, who confronts end-of-life issues. In 2016, Coplan created the non-profit Grief Dialogues. She uses theatre, the ultimate empathy generator, as the artistic expression to open new conversations about dying, death, and grief. In 2019 she joined forces with the Palliative Care team at a Seattle Regional Hospital to create a series of short plays followed by a moderated discussion to help health care providers, care givers, therapists, and administrators, engage in healing, constructive discussions about the ethical challenges and stressors and to build empathy and compassion within the medical profession. Grief Dialogues Health Care Education is presented throughout the U.S. Coplan is also the Executive Producer of the short, award-winning film, 8AM by Mark Harvey Levine.