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Emily LeQuesne

Freelance puppet theatre maker, dramaturg and writer, from South West England.



Emily is a puppet theatre maker and dramaturg.

She recently completed her doctorate at Bath Spa University: “Writing for puppetry. Towards the mosaic scale: literary dramaturgy for Anglo-American puppet theatre”. In which she sets out her step by step system for applying dramaturgical exercises to writing for puppet theare.

She is co-founder of Croon productions puppet theatre company. http://croonproductions.blogspot.com/

Also a script-writer & actor, for over 20 years,she has made work in professional & community settings in human theatre.

She has worked extensively as a drama facilitator & lecturer in colleges and universities & for the educational provision of theatres in the UK.

Emily has a book chapter on the uncanny in puppetry, and a journal article exploring why we might use a puppet forthcoming in 2022.

She likes festivals, cats, Art deco, Gothic literature, clothes,sweet peas, the seaside,the autumn & wine.

She doesn’t like cow’s milk, fennel, Brexit, the Conservative government in the UK,cruelty or massive moths - although that is her problem and not theirs. They're just doing their thing. (Moths - not Tories; Tories are selfish.)

Antifa is not an organisation, it's a philosophy.

Puppet is standing behind a desk made to scale with tiny lamp and white phone. Newspaper clippings compose the backdrop.
Puppets in Space

Puppets in Space

Dramaturgical Thinking and the Mosaic Scale for Puppetry

9 April 2021

Emily LeQuesne discusses space as it relates to puppetry and shares a practical, five-step dramaturgy system for puppet theatre, which she developed, called the Mosaic Scale.