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Emily Weak

Engagement and Library Consultant

Emily Weak has most recently worked with San Francisco's foolsFURY to archive 24 years of innovative devised and ensemble theater. She is a consultant for library and archive work, specializing in community engagement and creative solutions. Her work is informed by a career in public libraries in California. She was the Senior Librarian for Programming, Outreach and Engagement at the Oakland Public Library until January 2021 but has also worked in Mountain View and San Jose. Prior to becoming a librarian, she was variously: a circus student, a cheese monger, and a grocery store manager. To this day she maintains a love of good food (especially cheese) and a decent back bend. She has two cats. One is good and one is a notorious rascal, but they are both adorable. Emily moved to Georgia in February 2021 and has been astounded by the natural beauty (and the mosquitoes).

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How We Did It: Collecting Oral Histories to Preserve the foolsFURY Legacy

How We Did It: Collecting Oral Histories to Preserve the foolsFURY Legacy

30 June 2022

As a part of their permanent closure, San Francisco-based theatre company foolsFURY embarked upon an ambitious oral history project. Emily Weak, the archivist employed for that project, shares the process and insights of an initiative that worked to collect dozens of individual experiences of the company and provide a sense of closure.

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