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Emma Weisberg

Emma Weisberg is a junior at Connecticut College, majoring in Theater and Sociology. During the summer 2014, the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation funded her to conduct her own research on gender disparity and playwriting. She serves on the executive board and reading committee for the newly established “As Told By Vaginas” at Connecticut College. 

The Language of "Gender Parity"

The Language of "Gender Parity"

19 Women Playwrights and Their Voices

15 March 2015

Emma Weisberg considers the complexities of language and summarizes conversations with fourteen women playwrights discussing the question “How do you define gender parity?”

NNPN Rolling World Premiere

NNPN Rolling World Premiere

Weekly series of interviews examining the process of developing a new play through the National New Play Network Rolling World Premiere as part of their Continued Life of New Plays Fund.