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Eric Powell Holm


Eric Powell Holm is a multi-disciplinary theatre-and-music-maker living in New York City. He is a founder of The Wild Plan (currently based in NYC), The Strange Capers in Minneapolis, and Shakespeare On The Cape in Provincetown. He has created new music-plays with the physical-musical collective 3 Sticks in Brooklyn, and is a proud member of Vintage Theater Collective of Chicago. He pursues the destruction of the fourth wall, or any kind of wall that divides art-maker from art-receiver, and is a major proponent of the theatrical potential of sunsets and beer. He’s working on a graduate degree at Columbia University's MFA Directing program (’14), where he cultivates ensembles like the Brechovians and the Silent Filmmakers; he studies under Anne Bogart, Brian Kulick, Robert Woodruff, and Tina Landau.

Candid photo of Ben Gransky.
How We Wild Plan

How We Wild Plan

2 May 2013

In this installment, Ben Gansky and Eric Powell Holm talk about making the The Wild Plan.