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Flo Low is a Creative Producer, Cultural Entrepreneur and Arts Advocate who manages the Visiting Israeli Artists Program, an academic teaching residency for top arts talent from Israel.

Flo Low serves as the Associate Director, Arts Programs at the Israel Institute, an independent, privately funded nonprofit based in Washington, DC. As such, she manages the Visiting Artists Program, which brings leading Israeli artists in Theatre, Dance, Film/TV, Music, Visual Arts and Literature on semester-long teaching residencies at top North American universities. Prior to this position, Flo served as the Associate General Manager of the La Jolla Playhouse. A graduate of the Yale School of Drama, Flo received her MFA in Theater Management, and holds BA degrees from both Barnard College and the Jewish Theological Seminary. As a producer, Flo is committed to arts initiatives with social impact, and dedicates herself to projects that move hearts, change minds and inspire action.

a group of students in movement with ruther kanner in the center
Throw Away the Script

Throw Away the Script

How Ruth Kanner Uses Stories to Amplify a Polyphony of Voices

16 June 2020

Flo Low interviews Israeli theatremaker Ruth Kanner about what she calls “storytelling theatre,” her experience teaching in an American classroom, the impact of cross-cultural exchange, and more.