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Gabriela Céspedes

Gabriela Céspedes is a performer and puppeteer from Mendoza, Argentina. She is the creator and performer of the caja lambe-lambe show Rojo. Profundo. Deseo. as well as Bladimir and Libertad. 

She has studied puppetry with Natacha Bulova and Teresita Iacobelli, Los Hermanos Arena and Luciano Bugmann, among others. Gabriela has participated in theatre and puppetry festivals in Argentina, Bolivia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Colombia, Chile, Mexico, Paraguay, Cuba, and Brazil. She teaches workshops in many forms of puppetry, including caja lambe-lambe.

The Smallest Theatre in the World

The Smallest Theatre in the World

An Interview with Caja lambe-lambe artist Gabriela Céspedes / El Teatro Más Pequeño del Mundo: Una entrevista con la artista de caja lambe-lambe Gabriela Céspedes

29 April 2017

Puppeteer Cecilia Cackley interviews Gabriela Céspedes, a leading caja lambe-lambe puppet artist based in Argentina.