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Genevieve V. Beller is a costume designer and coordinator working in theatre, opera and film. She is a founding member of Costume Professionals for Wage Equity, a 1000+ group dedicated to creating a more educated, equitable and sustainable future for the creative arts. As a mentor and guest educator she has traveled the United States and abroad, teaching the fundamentals of costume design and construction to high school and college-aged students. In 2013 she co-founded and created “No Sleep November,” a 24-hour play writing festival which has just completed its 7th season in Kansas City, MO. Genevieve now resides in NYC where she is making her mark as a costume designer and advocate for fair labor practices. In her spare time, she does her part to subvert gender stereotypes by creating and selling “Candi Staches,” hand-tied glitter mustaches in a variety of colors and styles for self-expression beyond the binary. For more on Genevieve visit

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Rebuilding a Better Theatre Industry Post-Pandemic

Rebuilding a Better Theatre Industry Post-Pandemic

A Punch List

14 May 2020

Genevieve Beller argues that the current forced pause on society provides a rare opportunity for theatres to take stock, inventory priorities, and enact positive and lasting change, and she provides tangible steps to do so.