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Genevieve Beller

Genevieve V. Beller is a costume designer and activist working in live and filmed entertainment. She is a founding member of Costume Professionals for Wage Equity, a group dedicated to creating a more educated, equitable and sustainable future for the creative arts.

As a mentor and guest educator she has traveled the United States and abroad teaching the art and the business of design to high school and college-aged students.

She currently serves on the administrative team for the Off-Broadway Assistant Designer Advisory Group (OBADAG) where she educates and advocates for better pay and working conditions for assitant designers industry-wide.

For more information about Genevieve and her work visit www.gvbeller.com.

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The Price of Pay Activism

The Price of Pay Activism

2 September 2021

Genevieve Beller and Elsa Hiltner discuss exploitation and abuse in the theatre field, pay equity, how there should always be space for people to learn and move forward in a better way, and more.

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Rebuilding a Better Theatre Industry Post-Pandemic

Rebuilding a Better Theatre Industry Post-Pandemic

A Punch List

14 May 2020

Genevieve Beller argues that the current forced pause on society provides a rare opportunity for theatres to take stock, inventory priorities, and enact positive and lasting change, and she provides tangible steps to do so.

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