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Helen Schultz

Helen Schultz (she/her) is a creative producer, currently producing programming and public art for Times Square Arts, the largest public arts organization in the United States. Her criticism has appeared on broadway.com, TheaterMania, and Stage & Candor. Helen is a proud former member of the HowlRound staff, having served as the staff assistant in 2015 and 2016. Helen lives in New York City and received her BA from Emerson College.

Teenage Girls on Stage

Teenage Girls on Stage

Young Women Who Do Things

13 October 2017

Following the success of The Wolves, Helen Schultz looks at why are there so few dramas about teenage girls on stage and compiles a short list of plays about teenage girls by women playwrights.

Examining Love Sonnets from a Critical Distance

Examining Love Sonnets from a Critical Distance

6 May 2016

In this second installment, Helen Schultz reflects on her dramaturgical process.

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