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Jaan Whitehead is a trustee and former board chair of SITI Company, an ensemble theater company led by Anne Bogart in New York. She has served on the boards of The Whole Theatre, Arena Stage, Living Stage, The Acting Company, the National Cultural Alliance, TCG and the National Council for the American Theatre. She has also been Executive Director of Theatre for a New Audience and Development Director for Center Stage.

Prior to entering the theater world, she taught political philosophy at Georgetown University. Two of her essays on the challenges facing the arts in a commercial society have been published in American Theatre magazine ("To Have and Have Not," March 2001 and "Art Will Out," October 2002), and she is co-editor of The Art of Governance: Boards in the Performing Arts.

A watercolor art piece in which a blue figure and an orange figure interact with each other.
A New Revolution?

A New Revolution?

9 February 2012

Jaan Whitehead addresses the revolutionary attitude necessary for artists to reclaim the theatre from the institutions that produce it.