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James Montaño

James Montaño is an educator, critic, and freelance dramaturge currently based in Boston, Massachusetts.

James Montaño is theater dramaturg, educator, critic, and playwright currently based in Boston, MA. He teaches Public Speaking at Harvard University and was the Education and Engagement Fellow at the ART until June 2019. He has served as dramaturg for productions at ART, Harvard University, Boston Conservatory, and is in development of a (currently) untitled Singaporean opera. James writes theatrical criticism for the Theatre Times and has published works for the ART Guide and edited production-specific Toolkits for the 2017/18 and 2018/19 ART seasons. His training is from UMass Amherst, ART/Harvard, and the Moscow Art Theatre. James hails from Santa Fe, New Mexico and endeavors to elevate minority voices in his theatrical work and criticism.

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Drag, Disco, and the Donkey

Drag, Disco, and the Donkey

Performed Masculinities in American Repertory Theater’s The Donkey Show

23 October 2019

James Montaño discusses The Donkey Show, cross-gendered performances vs. drag, camp as an aesthetic concept, and more.