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Janice Maffei

Janice Maffei is a playwright and poet whose work has appeared in The Southampton Review and The Paterson Literary Review. A member of the League of Professional Theatre Women, Janice joined with three League colleagues—Fengar Gael, Mahayana Landowne and Deborah Savadge—to form WomenStageTheWorld, a gender parity advocacy movement within the League. Janice is a member of Playwrights Gallery and a candidate for the MFA in playwriting at Stony Brook University. She is also a co-founder of VisionFirst, a consulting firm that helps organizations to think forward, create change and get results. 

Where Are The Women?

Where Are The Women?

6 May 2014

The New York Times posed this question on April 29 when the Tony nominations were announced. It’s a problem that’s getting long in the tooth: for years we’ve known that over 60 percent of the ticket buyers and “butts in seats” are women, and yet less than 20 percent of the stories staged are written, directed or designed by them. Hmm.