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Javier Muñoz

Currently starring in Hamilton and sharing the title role with the show’s creator Lin-Manuel Miranda, Javier Muñoz has had the great honor to perform the role for both The President of the United States and The First Lady. This is Javier’s second venture with Lin-Manuel as he was also part of both the off-Broadway and Broadway companies of In The Heights and the first to take over the role of Usnavi after Lin-Manuel’s departure. Other selected credits: The Porch (Ziad) at Altered Stages; Venice (Venice) at Center Theatre Group; Two Gentlemen of Verona (a rock opera) (Proteus) at Shakespeare Theatre of DC; Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s Richard III (Dorset), and Into The Woods (The Baker).

Interview with Javier Muñoz

Interview with Javier Muñoz

21 April 2016

Marisela Treviño Orta interviews Javier Muñoz, Lin-Manuel Miranda’s alternate in Hamilton.