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Jax Gil

Jax is the Communications Manager at Howlround.

Jax (they/them) is a queer, Latinx silo-breaker, facilitator, and lover of transformative organizational development. Their driving purpose is to harness the power of collective consciousness for radical social change. They believe all change begins in the body, manifests relationally and happens in the present.

Jax is the founder of Liberatory Theatre Project, a platform that offers workshops, group facilitation, and community round tables at the intersection of art, healing, and the solidarity economy. Jax is also a proud member of Mijente in Boston, a political home for Boston-area Latinxs who are pro-Black, pro-Queer, pro-mujer and working towards a decolonized world with dignity for all.  Most recently, Jax was co-director at Resist, a foundation that redistributes resources to frontline communities at the forefront of change.

Jax has a BA in Peace and Justice Studies with a focus in Creativity, the Arts, and Social Transformation from Brandeis University. 

A group of theatre artists sitting around a conference table with a projector screen in the background.
The Promise of the Commons

The Promise of the Commons

10 October 2019

In honor of World Commons Week 2019, a working group of eleven US-based arts and cultural makers share their vision on how adopting a commons-based approach can help transform the arts into a more equitable and just field.

Migration is a Human Right, La migración es un derecho humano

Migration is a Human Right, La migración es un derecho humano

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