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Jeffrey Wells

maker and co-artistic director of red eye theater.

Jeffrey Wells is a performance creator, producer, educator, and administrator. Jeffrey is a co-founder of the ensemble SuperGroup, which received a 2017 McKnight Choreographer Fellowship. He has worked with arts organizations in a producing, artistic, and administrative capacity including: Red Eye Theater, Project Success, DanceMN, and Cornerstone Theater Company in LA. As a performer he has worked with Rosy Simas, Pramila Vasudevan, Karen Sherman, Fire Drill, and Judith Howard, among others.

Red Eye Theater's seven artistic directors.
Collective Leadership

Collective Leadership

A Conversation with Red Eye’s Artistic Directors

1 April 2021

The co–artistic directors of Red Eye Theater in Minneapolis talk about shifting to a collaborate leadership model with a horizontal structure and consensus-based process, backdooring their way into traditional funding structures and resources, and more.