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Jeremy V. Morris

The Top of Bravery playwright.

Running for three weeks at the Richmond Triangle Players, Jeremy V. Morris's new play was a collaboration between Quill Theatre and the African American Theatre of Virginia, with support from the Conciliation Project. Even if it had not debuted in the former Confederate capital and less than a month after Trump's inauguration emboldened racism across the country, Morris's choice to perform a blackface repertoire would have been provocative. But The Top of Bravery was, like the figure that inspired it, brave and virtuosic. The play [End Page 107] grappled with the life and legacy of Bert Williams, best known as one half of the black vaudeville duo, Williams and Walker.

Theatre History Podcast # 19

Theatre History Podcast # 19

Jeremy Morris on His New Play About Vaudeville Performer Bert Williams, The Top of Bravery

23 January 2017

Michael Lueger and Jeremy Morris discuss Bert Williams.