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Jess Applebaum

Jess Applebaum is Literary Manager for One Year Lease Theater Company and collaborates with Happiness Machines, Enthuse Theater, Yinzerspielen and directors Anna Brenner and Simón Hanukai. Last spring she co-presented "Dramaturg for Hire: Contextual Dramaturgy for a Global (St)age" at the conference Alternative Dramaturgies of the New Millennium in Tangiers, Morocco and curated a discussion on Devised Performance Dramaturgy at LMDA's annual conference. Her article "Finding the Hyphenate - Embodying Dramaturgy" appears in The Routledge Companion to Dramaturgy, edited by Magda Romanska. Jess holds an MFA in Dramaturgy from Columbia University and an MA in Performance Studies from NYU.

Portraying "The Other" in Performance

Portraying "The Other" in Performance

Sylvia Milo's The Other Mozart

30 June 2015

Jess Applebaum on Sylvia Milo’s original solo performance as Nannerl, Mozart’s mostly-forgotten sister in The Other Mozart.