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Jo Michael Rezes

Jo Michael Rezes (they/them/theirs) is a Boston based director, actor, and scholar. Jo is a graduate of Vassar College, and a current Ph.D. student in Theatre and Performance Studies at Tufts University.

Jo Michael Rezes (they/them/theirs) creates as a theatremaker in the Greater Boston Area in collaboration with artists scattered between fringe and professional companies. They primarily focus on new works which feature transgender writers, actors, and designers. Rezes began their work as a theatremaker at Vassar College (BA in English and Drama) and is currently a Ph.D. student in Theatre and Performance Studies at Tufts University, having written a Master's thesis entitled “Phantacamp: Queer Temporal Ruptures in the Performance of Restaged Camp.” Their work as assistant director of the Nora Theatre Company’s Cloud 9 was honored with a 2020 Elliot Norton Award. And, more recently, Rezes has worked on over 15 pieces of Zoom theatre across the country and directed the Trans [Plays] of Remembrance Short Play Festival in collaboration with Ohio University on HowlRound.TV. Rezes combines their research in camp studies, queer temporalities, and mediatization of the body to better understand how to teach performance in an ever-more polarized and digitized world.Their TED Talk, “Gender Rehearsativity,” has garnered 300,000+ views across platforms. Learn more: jmrezes.com, Insta: @jmrezes, Twitter: @JMRwrites

Nonbinary Acting Methods with Jo Michael Rezes
lavender event poster for nonbinary acting methods workshop.

Nonbinary Acting Methods with Jo Michael Rezes

Rezes Offers Exercises and Techniques in Performance Expansion through Gender Play, Object Study, Queer Reflections, Sense Memory, and Repetitious Failure

Friday 25 March 2022
United States