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Jocelyn Kuritsky

Based in New York and DC, Jocelyn Kuritsky is an actor and theatremaker with a focus on developing new plays and other theatrical forms. Jocelyn is a founding member and the actor-in-residence of Woodshed Collective, one of the country’s leading immersive theater companies. Jocelyn is also the creator of The Muse Project, a new initiative that moves female actors to the center by charging them to identify and generate the roles they want to play. Her ongoing experimental short film project, Stage-to-Film, was designed to put the stage on screen and expose theater artists to wider audiences.

As a performer, Jocelyn has become a favorite among New York's downtown theatre stalwarts, earning the praise “outstanding actor” from Papermag. She has appeared in more than twenty NYC productions, including premieres by Sheila Callaghan, Erik Ehn, Ken Urban, Caridad Svich, and avant-garde theatre legend Mac Wellman. Onscreen, recent and upcoming film credits include Neil LaBute’s Over The River & Through The Woods, opposite Larry Pine, directed by Leigh Silverman; Nana Mensah’s Queen of Glory; and Ghazi Albuliwi’s Peace After Marriage, opposite Louise Lasser.

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Interview with the Muse Project’s Jocelyn Kuritsky

Interview with the Muse Project’s Jocelyn Kuritsky

23 December 2016

Sarah Matusek interviews Actor Jocelyn Kuritsky on founding the Muse Project, an initiative that empowers women actors to create and produce original work.