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Joris Weijdom

Joris has a background in 3D computer animation and is fascinated by creating mixed-reality experiences. His specific expertise lies in the innovation and acceleration of creative processes by co-creative practice-based research with the use of mixed-reality. In 2011 Joris founded HKU Media and Performance Laboratory (MAPLAB 2011-2015) that was exactly focussing on this field of research. Within MAPLAB he developed various methods to work in a lab environment with interdisciplinary teams. These methods are still subject of research for the HKU Research Centre Performative Processes. Joris also continues his practice-based research on co-creative making within this professorship. Besides he is a senior lecturer at the HKU Bachelor of Theatre in Interactive Performance Design.

Mixed Reality and the Theatre of the Future

Mixed Reality and the Theatre of the Future

22 July 2016

Researcher and lecturer Joris Weijdom of HKU University of the Arts Utrecht, Netherlands on what the Internet of things, transmedia, and mixed reality might mean for theatremakers and theatremaking.