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José Cruz Gonzaléz

José Cruz González has a long connection to SCR, dating back to 1986 with the launch of the theatre company’s Hispanic Playwrights Project to create new work by Latino playwrights. He is the recipient of many honors, including a residency for the National Endowment for the Arts/Theatre Communications Group Theatre Residency Program for Playwrights. He has written for “PAZ,” the Emmy Award-nominated television series produced by Discovery Kids for The Learning Channel. González teaches theatre at California State University, Los Angeles.


Rehearsal for The Long Road Today.
Resident Playwrights in Conversation

Resident Playwrights in Conversation

José Cruz González and Julie Marie Myatt

21 April 2014

Playwrights Julie Marie Myatt and José Cruz González discuss South Coast Repertory's Dialogue/Diálogos project, which features the stories of more than 700 residents of the Santa Ana community.