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Josefina Báez

Josefina Báez (Dominican Republic/USA) Celebrant. Creative expressions shared: Storyteller, ArteSana, performer, writer, theatre director, educator, devotee. Founder and director of Latinarte/Ay Ombe Theatre (April 1986). Alchemist of artistic/creative life process,Performance Autology© (creative process/live creating/creative life based on the autobiography of the doer in conscience; In life phases -youth, elderhood, illness and death). Joy, is the vital element present in her narrative, practice and teachings; Baez’s sublime “radical joy” for the road.


AfroLatine Superfriends Playwriting Hour with Josefina Báez
event poster for afrolatine superfriends playwriting hour with josefina baez.

AfroLatine Superfriends Playwriting Hour with Josefina Báez

An AfroLatine-Led Playwriting Series Featuring Writers/Theatremakers from Across the U.S.

Thursday 25 May 2023
United States