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Julia Jakubowska

Theatre, film and life enthusiast, actress, moving here and there around Hungary and Poland. 

Born 15.04.1986 in Łódź, Poland. 2010 finished University of Łódź, culture studies – Faculty of Theatre. 

I am an actress (theatre and film), physical theatre performer and creator based in Budapest, Hungary and Łódź, Poland. I work with several independent theatre groups and I am an emerging creator, too. The most often you can meet me with Stereo Akt team where I regularly perform in several performances by Boross Martin. In Hungary I also work with Kárpáti Péter, Szabó Veronika, Bona Dyssou. In Poland I'm the most connected with Theatre Chorea lead by Tomasz Rodowicz. 

I'm interested how to use art for development a community or individuals. I believe that artistic activity is the best tool for understanding nature of the environment that surrounds us, and for learning creative skills needed in everyday life.

Eventually participatory, theatrical interaction and educational power of theatre is also an element which is constantly represented in my work.

The (self-)representation of Romas on stage - trends and challenges in today’s Hungary
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The (self-)representation of Romas on stage - trends and challenges in today’s Hungary

A conversation during the dunaPart 5 platform

Saturday 30 November 2019
Budapest, Hungary