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Julián J. Mesri

Julián J. Mesri is a New York-based Argentinean-American director, playwright and composer. He is the artistic director and founder of Sans Comedia, a bilingual theatre company. His new play, Immersion, a piece about the intersections of language, class and culture in a Brooklyn neighborhood, premiered this September at The Treehouse Theater in New York City. His production of Lope de Vega’s “Fuenteovejuna” at Repertorio Español won the 2013 Gilberto Saldivar Outstanding Production HOLA Award and two ACE Award nominations for Classical Theatre productions. He served as Artistic Director for the 2013 PEN World Voices: New Plays from Spain festival, bringing together 7 notable Spanish playwrights with contemporary New York City directors and actors during a two day-festival at The Martin Segal Theatre Center He is a Usual Suspect at New York Theatre Workshop, where he was a 2012-2013 Emerging Artist of Color Fellow. He represented the United States in the 2012 edition of Panorama Sur, a seminar sponsored by Siemens and the Goethe Institut, featuring playwrights from all over Latin America led by distinguished Argentine writer/director Alejandro Tantanian. He was also the 2010-2011 Van Lier fellow at Repertorio Español, where he directed Rafael Spregelburd’s “La estupidez” in its New York premiere (ACE nominee, Best Direction) and Calderón de la Barca’s “La dama duende”. Other recent work includes a production of Mar Gomez Glez’s 39 Defaults and an adaptation of “The Weavers” with Pace University’s International Performance Ensemble, which showed in May 2014 at the Accidental Festival in the UK. 

Notes from the Latino American Underground

Notes from the Latino American Underground

30 October 2014

The painful step, though, is realizing that to exorcise those demons is to perhaps challenge the very notion of an identity. Perhaps the solution is to do away with trying to consistently define ourselves as Latina/o theater, and merely say we are Latinas/os or Latin Americans who make work.